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It’s not difficult to be sales professionals
Kwon jin suk chief consultant(ZIMYUNG)
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Jul 24, 2012 02:17:09
 ▲ Kwon jin suk chief consultant
“Sales professionals are full of energy. They attract people around them, but we can’t explain why. I have learned pharmaceutical sales and marketing tactics for a long time while training sales reps. I like to share my knowledge with others with my online training programs.” Kwon Jin Suk, President of Jimyoung Consulting, said in an interview with DailyPharm.

Kwon worked as a sales rep for Lilly Korea for two years and took responsibility in sales rep training. She founded Jimyoung Consulting for sales rep training in 2007 and started online training programs at www.mlibrary.co.kr in March, 2012. Currently M-Library has more than 300 registered members.

Q: How did you decide to get into pharmaceutical sales rep training?
A: Pharmaceutical sales are not easy. I became a sales trainer after I achieved more than expected in pharmaceutical sales. While educating sales reps, I witnessed lots of limitations with teaching materials because the materials made by the overseas headquarters couldn’t be applied to the Korea pharmaceutical industry.

Later I moved to a sales rep training company and met some masters of pharmaceutical sales all across the country. I confirmed that a sales rep’s own capability itself can lead success in pharmaceutical sales, regardless of brand power and marketing strategies.

Q: The pharmaceutical business environment changed significantly.
A: Now pharmaceutical companies know that their sales reps’ quality is the most important to differentiate them from competitors. Previously the trainers plan and execute the education program for sales reps. These days trainers have higher capabilities and ask more customized education service with quality contents which perfectly fit the company.

Q: What made you build the new website, M-Library?
A: Time and money constraints and limited expectation hamper quality education for pharmaceutical sale reps. I wanted to share the success points of pharmaceutical sales and marketing on the website which have been accumulated while working for Jimyoung.

Q: What education can raise sales capabilities?
A: Sales managers are able to make changes and settle them. Sales managers should be educated first as they are leaders, coaches, mentors or role models for sales reps. Their leadership should be developed further to raise sales capabilties.

Q: What’s the next step for M-Library?
A: I like to develop educational contents for both clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sales for various demands. It’s true that online education has limitations, so I think on-site training should be accompanied. Online education and on-site training can help each other.
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