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Tarnished image of drugmakers to be changed
Kim Won Bae KPMA Chairman
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Aug 28, 2012 01:18:56
 ▲ Kim Won Bae KPMA Chairman
“The pharmaceutical industry has been tarnished by excessive competition and illegal distribution. I as Chairman of the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (KPMA) will fix the distortion and communicate with the public and the government efficiently,” said Kim Won Bae, Chief Executive Officer of Dong-A, Chairman of the KPMA said in an interview with Dailypharm.

Some point that Kim may not overcome his limits as he is just CEO, not the major stockholder or the owner of the company, but most think that the pharmaceutical industry has gotten mature and now experience and knowledge are more important, compared to the past, so Kim can play a major role for the turnaround of the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: The role of KPMA Chairman is getting more important. What do you think?

A: The KPMA is managed more by President, than by Chairman. But Chairman’s role was in a spotlight because the government was in a conflict with the pharmaceutical industry because of its policies. Chairman just receives reports 3-4 times a year and makes some important decisions at the board meeting.

Q: What do you think the role of KPMA Chairman is?
A: Chairman supervises President. The board of directors basically supervises and checks what KPMA executives do. Chairman and the board of directors evaluate how all the business plans go.

Q: What is your focus in the future?

A: Most of all, the KPMA’s opinions should be delivered to the government before the government makes a final decision. The KPMA didn’t cope with the government’s price cuts. It showed extreme reactions and didn’t plan its strategies in advance.

Although the KPMA had enough time and some chances, it didn’t approach to the government with them appropriately. The communication is the key now.

The public and the government should throw out their prejudice against the pharmaceutical industry. The Korean pharmaceutical industry is pretty independent compared to other countries. The pharmaceutical industry is not appreciated by the public. We will work to change the tarnished image over the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: Some say that your power might be limited as you are not the major stockholder of the company.

A: It doesn’t matter. Company owners or major stockholders affected final decisions in the past. The pharmaceutical industry has grown much. Now we need to approach the issues by policies. We need to listen to opinions from all the members when we make a final decision to change the systems.
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