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New pharmacist-attorney’s challenge
Lee Seo Hyung LK Partners attorney
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Sep 13, 2012 15:05:37
 ▲ Lee Seo Hyung Lee Seo Hyung
“The new law school system made my dream come true.” Lee Seo Hyung, attorney, LK Partners said in an interview with Dailpharm on August 30.

Lee went to Ewha Womans University for both pharmacy school and law school. When she was in the third year of pharmacy school, the new law school system got just started.

“I was wondering what my career should be. My presence and contribution to the society mattered to me. I wanted to perform a job which can influence the society. Then I heard that new law schools are accepting applications.”

She decided to work for a law firm even before she started law school. She took classes for civil law, criminal law, and administrative law as wells medical law, pharmacy law and patent law.

Later she happened to meet Lee Kyung Kwon. M.D. and J.D., LK Partners while taking medicine law in school and grabbed a chance of internship during summer vacation of the third year of law school.

“It is fun to prove the truth and defend my client. When we win the case, we are delighted. I just want to do my best to defend my client.” Lee said.

She said some of the classmates in law school were pharmacists. She pointed that pharmacy and laws are different because scientific facts may not change, but rulings can change as society changes.

“It was hard for the first year of law school. My alumni work in the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Korea Food and Drug Administration, law firms, and pharmaceutical companies. We may share information in different fields.”

Lee advised that the decision to go to law school shouldn’t be made because of the socioeconomic status of lawyers as the job market is too competitive theses days, emphasizing that career goals should be firmly set first.
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