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Synatura and Umckamin prices plunge in April
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Mar 2, 2013 16:04:03
The prices of Synatura and Umckamin will be drastically reduced in April, sources said Wednesday.

Synatura price goes down to 19 won from 29 won. Umckamin price fell further to 28 won from 37 won. Umckamin price had been already reduced to 37 won from 63 won when the first generic drug entered the market.

Synatura and Umckamin sales were 31 billion won and 12 billion won, respectively, in 2012. The loss due to the price cuts might be about 20 billion won.

An official of Ahngook said, “We voluntarily decided to reduce Synatura price to benefit patients with a lower price.”

An official of Hanwha, who co-markets Umckamin with Yuyu, said, “The 50% price cut affects us severely. We can’t avoid the loss, so we will focus on other medication in the same category.”

Yuyu considers developing tablets for Umckamin and switching Umckamin to over-the-counter status from prescription. Synatura, which rolled out in September, 2011, currently replaces Prospan which is now OTC.
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