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Government postponed price-volume control
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Jan 3, 2014 11:56:33
The Ministry of Health and Welfare said on Monday it decided to postpone its newest price-volume control system until January 1, 2015.

The listing prices of the drugs whose prescription volumes have been increased were supposed to be decreased up to 10%.

The Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KRPIA) had opposed the new price-volume control system.

An official of a multinational pharmaceutical company said, “It makes perfect sense that the government decided to put it off. You can’t get suddenly mad at the incidence that has been over.”

An official of the KRPIA said, “It gives some relief to us as the government accepted our objection, but we never agree with the new price-volume control which strangles the pharmaceutical industry.”

As a matter of fact, pharmaceutical companies finished up their business plans based on the existing pricing system. If the new pricing system went effective, it would affect pharmaceutical business severely.
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