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Dasan challenges MSD’s Januvia patent
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Sep 30, 2014 08:17:12
Dasan Medichem filed its lawsuit against MSD Korea’s Januvia to invalidate one of the patents on Januvia, sources said on September 28.

MSD Korea has three patents on Januvia. The patent Dasan challenges expires in June 2024. The post-market surveillance study is not required any longer for Januvia and a few pharmaceutical companies such as Chong Kun Dang and Shinpoong are developing their generic version of Januvia.

Generic drug makers are in a hurry to have their generic version approved for marketing although the brand-name drugs still have valid patents. Once the patent-approval linkage system takes effect in 2015, the process of marketing approval will be delayed.

Dasan Medichem’s purpose to challenge the patent is for the production of its generic version. If the other two patents are not challenged, marketing the generic version of Januvia is still risky.
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