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Interview: I chose cosmetic advisor instead of pharmacist
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Oct 28, 2014 05:10:38
Pharmacists usually work for pharmacies or hospitals. They may work as researchers and government officials for public health.

Jin Ju Hyun, pharmacist, works as a professional cosmetic advisor at Belport. Jin may be the first pharmacist who consults with customers about cosmetics. Why did she choose to be a cosmetic advisor instead of a pharmacist?

She graduated from Ewha Women’s University in 2004 and went through community and hospital pharmacies. She was always curious about something else that she was not into. She wanted some challenging jobs. One of them was a job in the cosmetics industry.

Later She decided to study more about cosmetics and acquired her master’s degree in beauty art. She became a lecturer for the department of beauty art at Myunggi College and finally ended up being a professional cosmetic advisor in Belport.

Jin said, “I always wanted new challenges. I had my own passion and dream. My pharmacist’s license shouldn’t restrict my career choices. I started small changes, gradually prepared for what I wanted and finally got it.”

Belport hires pharmacists as professional cosmetic advisors. Five chain stores of Belport all have pharmacists.

Jin said, “ I didn’t know I was the first pharmacist who worked as a cosmetic advisor. I was a little surprised, but I wonder how other pharmacists think of my career decision.”

She said, “What role and position will be set up for pharmacists who work as cosmetic advisors? Whenever I think of this question, I feel more responsibilities. I should make efforts to study more and consult better.”

The strength she recognizes for herself is professionalism. She can figure out ingredients in cosmetics and even advise the change of diet and habits for skincare. She can recommend some supplements for healthy skin.

Jin said, “I don’t make sales only. I offer professional consultation. I just started my new job a month ago, but I have already been happy about positive changes of my customers.”

She added that many pharmacists have encouraged her. Jin said, “Pharmacists around me encouraged me by saying I am helping pharmacists expand their field. I hope many pharmacists explore new career paths and face challenges.”
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