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Home pregnancy tests available at convenience stores
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Nov 10, 2014 01:13:17
Home pregnancy tests will be available at big grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retailers, starting November 10.

Home pregnancy tests have been priced at 4,000 to 5,000 won at pharmacies, but once they are distributed to big retailers, the prices can go down with competition.

Four big convenience store chains almost finished talking with the manufacturers and are getting ready to sell home pregnancy tests and home ovulation tests.

Pharmacy owners are concerned about the sales of home pregnancy tests that used to bring high margins. A pharmacist in Busan said, “We thought the retail prices of home pregnancy tests might go down, but some say the change wouldn’t affect us. I heard a well-known pharmaceutical company now manufactures a new home pregnancy test for convenience stores.”

Other pharmacist pointed some pharmacies may lower the retail prices, but they don’t have to lower the prices voluntarily because consumers are not price-sensitive. He added consumers just buy them as needed.
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