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Pharmacists are angry at Congress Speaker’s comment
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Nov 16, 2014 05:37:21
The comment of Chung Eui Wha, the Speaker of Congress, disturbed pharmacists’ society. Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) released its statement on November 14, urging that Chung should resign and cancel its comment on selective separation of prescribing and dispensing.

KPA said, “It was irresponsible that Chung suggested Japan’s selective separation for the nation at one of public ceremonies. His comment was inappropriate, considering his current position in Congress and previous career as a doctor.”

KPA decided to respond to Chung’s controversial comment immediately as Chung is Head of Congress, whose comment could be weighed differently.

Pharmacists’ associations look disappointed at his comment. A president of sub-association under Seoul Pharmacists Association, said, “Patients can choose either a pharmacy or a hospital in Japan when they have their prescriptions filled. Chung’s suggestion is just to help hospitals make more profits. He just wanted to make some flattering comments to a certain interest group, ignoring pharmacists’ roles to prevent misuse and overuse of medications.”
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