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Pharmaceutical sales blogger’s book published
by Eui Kyoung Yoon (ekyeun@dreamdrug.com)
Published : Dec 15, 2014 00:34:33
A pharmaceutical sales representative wrote a book about pharmaceutical sales. His name is Sohn Jae Hyun, sales manager, Kolon Pharmaceuticals. Sohn has worked for the company as sales representative for nine years.

About a year ago, he opened his own blog about pharmaceutical sales. The blog introduces pharmaceutical sales knowhow from A to Z. He wrote about how to get a pharmaceutical sales job on the blog, which got popular among job applicants. Now he delivers a lecture for the job applicants once a month.

About 5,000 people visit his blog on average. A publisher contacted him to publish a book with the contents of his blog, and Sohn’s book, Get into Pharmaceutical Sales and Grab Success, came out on December 1. The book consists of how to get a job, how to do pharmaceutical sales and detailing, and other tips for new employees. His books is easy to read because it is based on actual episodes he went through as sales rep.

When Sohn’s blog was getting popular, he sometimes posted 3 to 4 articles a day as he loved to. Sohn said, “I was posting an article on my blog during my honeymoon in May. My wife didn’t like that, but now she is the strongest supporter and advisor to me.” Sohn met his wife at work in the same company.

Sohn made 80 million won in monthly sales for his company. His high performance promoted him to a sales manager earlier than his co-workers. But Sohn had to go through trial and error at first.

His friend, who he shared the house with, got a job in Yuhan, and he just decided to follow the same path. He sent his job applications only to pharmaceutical companies, but most of them were turned away. Eventually he got the job at Kolon. That’s why his blog contain helpful advice on how to write a resume for pharmaceutical sales job.

He recalls that his performance was one of the worst in the company. He didn’t have any skills or experience and couldn’t manage his accounts and his career. Then new pharmaceutical marketing rules, which are stricter, changed his sales practice.

He said, “I was doomed to fail. If I hadn’t met my clients regularly, I couldn’t have survived the pharmaceutical sales. I started developing my own tactics for sales and detailing and posting those on my blog at the same time.”

He has lunch from Tuesday to Friday with doctors he has worked for. He meets new doctors for lunch on Monday. He observes doctors’ mood and changes the way he talks to them.

He wants to keep the same job. The two-strike rule is another challenge, but adjusting himself to a new business environment is his job, too. He feels sorry that mass media reported pharmaceutical sales practices are always corrupt. He hopes his blog could give job applicants some positive image for pharmaceutical sales.

He said, “Movies and shows describe bad pharmaceutical sales reps all the time. Some say pharmaceutical sales are physically hard, thinking of bad cases. But once you get used to right skills, you can enjoy your stable income and career success. I like to keep working for Kolon till my retirement.”
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